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Welcome to Colombia-Irish tours. We are a family run company on the Medellin tourism scene operated by Sean & Carolina, a husband and wife duo of Irish and Colombian descent. Driven by a passion for delivering fun packed tours that inform, delight and entertain in equal measure, we want to show you why we are making the bold claim of being Medellin's most fun tour.

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All our tours are in Spanish and English!


Our Tours

One day - Chill Medellin: Food, Music, Brewery & Sight Seeing Tour

Leaves from Calle 9 side of Parque de El Poblado at 9:30 AM every morning for Medellin's only live music tour. This tour you can simply book and show up and off you go on Medellin's most fun tour! Tour finishes at approximately 5:45 PM. Keep scrolling down for full details.

One Day - Private Tour Booking Options

  • One Day Guatape Sight Seeing Tour including visiting Piedra del Peñol rock with boat tour or optional jet skiing or wakeboarding on lake Guatape. Coffee and Fruit Tour is an additional option to choose from with this tour destination.

  • One Day Santa Fe de Antioquia Tour

  • One Day Medellin Tour alternative options 

Click to see our Private Tour Page for full details 

Chill Medellin: Food, Music, Brewery & Sight Seeing Tour
Medellin's Most Fun Tour!

Experience the culinary delights of Colombia and Medellin on this fun packed day out. You will hear live music, jokes and stories of interest about Medellin, as well as participate in games involving you, the tour guide and your fellow travellers in between locations with hilarious results. Don't be thin skinned for this tour as you will be asked [although not forced] to participate in the theatrics. You will see why we claim to run "Medellin's most fun tour". 

Chill Medellin: Food, Music, Brewery & Sightseeing Tour Itinerary**

9:30 AM Departing from Calle 9, Parque de El Poblado.

10 AM Arrive in Plaza de Mercado La América in Laureles for Colombian fruit tasting where you will be offered a generous variety of Colombian grown fruits to sample. After your delicious fruit appetiser we will have a modest sized early lunch comprised of a range of typical Paisa/Colombian dishes. Following that you will sample a variety of traditional hand made sweets/candies and desserts made by Artesanatta Dulces and the lovely Paola who will give you some insight into the range of goodies offered.

11:20 AM Arrive at the house of Pablo Escobar's assassination for a photo opportunity.

12 PM Arrive in Pueblito Paisa, a small periodic turn of the century Colombian village built on a hill top viewing point in the center of the Aburrá valley that the city of Medellin resides in. Here you can stroll around for an hour, soak in the feel of old town Colombia, visit the museum and learn about the rich history of the area all while taking in the most amazing panoramic views of Medellin.

1:30 PM Arrive in Cemetario Jardines in Itagüi to visit the graves of Pablo Escobar, Gustavo Gaviria as well as Griselda Blanco. This will be a short stop where our guide will give you some insight into what it was like in Medellin during the height of the Medellin Cartel under Pablo Escobar's rule.

2:15 PM Arrive at Octava Maravilla in the beautiful hills of Sabaneta where you will enjoy a typical Colombian lunch with a view to match any skyline you have seen in the world.

4 PM Arrive at the Sierra Blanca IPA Brewery in Envigado. Here you will be given a run down of the process of brewing the 6-10 different types of beer they make and of course you will get to sample at least six options of your choosing.  

5:45 PM Drop-off back in Parque de El Poblado

*WARNING: Please don't arrive to our tour after having eaten a large breakfast. There will be a variety and an abundance of food to sample. Should you choose to arrive on a full stomach, you may not get the intended experience and enjoyment from our excursions.*

**While we endeavour to do our best to stay within schedule, all departure and arrival times given are approximate. Medellin traffic can be very busy at times, so we strongly advise that you don't plan schedules around our tour guaranteeing you will be at a certain location at a given time. We do not take any responsibility for our customers missing any connecting travel or events. All bookings made with us are to be done with this clear understanding in mind.**

***Please bring Colombian Peso cash with you. Your tour is all inclusive apart from our stop in Octava Maravilla who do not accept foreign credit or debit cards. There are also lots of souvenir gift items for sale in both Plaza de Mercado La América in Laureles as well as Pueblito Paisa and many vendors deal in cash only!***

Firstly, you will meet Wili (image below) who owns and manages a family run fruit and vegetable business out of Plaza de Mercado La América. He will give you all a generous sample of a wide variety of tropical Colombian grown fruits. 


For All Major Home Appliances

The fruits you may want to sample include melon, papaya, granada (pomegranate), manday mango, tommy mango, uchuva (golden berry), chirimolla (cherimoya), guayaba feijoa (pineapple guava), guayabe pera (guava), guayabe manzana (apple guava) and mangostino (mangosteen). While all of the above are grown in Colombia, many are known to be grown in tropical climates around the world! 

Following the tropical fruit tasting you will take a very short walk to join us for a typical Paisa (Antioquia native) light lunch. See the images below for what will be offered. 

a0a40c5139e4b0be5859db30a5ef1002_0 (1)_edited.jpg
Fish Soup.jpg

Our final culinary experience before leaving Plaza de Mercado La América is with the lovely Paola from Artesanatta Dulces Plaza. Here you will enjoy a range of typical home-made desserts and sweets/candies that are very typical to the Antioquia region of Colombia. 

For All Major Home Appliances


2nd Tour Stop - Pablo Escobar's safe house where he was assassinated - Laureles, Medellin

Situated very conveniently around the corner from Plaza de Mercado La América, we stop for a photo opportunity at the exact location where the infamous Medellin cartel boss Pablo Escobar was finally caught up with and assassinated.


For All Major Home Appliances

3rd Tour Stop - Pueblito Paisa

Pueblito Paisa is a small scale picturesque replica of a typical turn of the century Antioquian village. Located right in the center of the Aburrá Valley where Medellin is built, it offers spectacular panoramic views of the entire city of Medellin. Unfortunately the main viewing area is closed right now but you can still see the same sights from the top floor of the city museum right beside it. Your tour ticket includes entrance into the museum.

Pueblito Paisa.jpg

4th Tour Stop - Cementario Jardines Montesacro in Itagüí

Situated in the Medellin suburb of Itagüí we visit the picturesque location of Cementario Jardines Montesacro where you will get to visit the graveyard of the notorious drug lords Pablo Escobar, Gustavo Gaviria and Griselda Blanco. Our local guide will give you some insight into what it was like living in Medellin during the height of the power of the Medellin Cartel. You will also hear why there is a constant watch being kept over Pablo Escobar's grave as seen in the 4th image in the slides below.


5th Tour Stop - Octava Maravilla in the beautiful hills of Sabaneta

Octava Maravilla boasts one of, if not the most spectacular view over the entire Aburrá Valley and Medellin itself. Although Sabaneta is not technically a part of Medellin, the metropolitan area has grown to such an extent that it's almost impossible to tell the difference where Medellin stops and the numerous suburbs begin. We will stop here for roughly an hour, or however long it takes for everyone to get served, finish their meal and get the photos they desire. The cost of your meal in Octava Maravilla is the one thing your tour ticket does not cover! The prices of the different dishes varies too much for us to offer a one price fits all cover cost in our pricing. You will need to bring cash with you for this final experience as they don't accept foreign credit or debit card payments!


6th & Final Tour Stop - Sierra Blanca IPA Brewery (Cerveceria) in Envigado

Here we stop for about an hour in the relaxing leafy suburb of Envigado to visit Carlos and Ana Maria and their innovative IPA micro-brewery. They usually have at least six different types of beers brewing at any given time with the number rising up to ten depending on the time​ of year. You will get a tour of the facility and learn the process of brewing the different variations of beers they have on offer. And of course, you will get to try at least six small glasses of the different types of beer they have available. 

Brewery 18.jpeg

The image below is of the distillery room in Sierra Blanca cervecaria!

Brewery 6.jpeg

To book your one day Chill Medellin: Food, Music, Brewery & Site Seeing Tour click on the Book Now button below!

Full day tour costs COP$295,000 per person, approximately US$75, excellent value for the length of tour & everything you get compared to similar Medellin day tours.

Scroll down on the booking page after clicking the button below to select the correct date you wish to tour with us. Following that the page will reload and you can then select the number of guests you are booking for. The final booking page where you enter your credit/debit card details is from Mercado Pago, a major South American conglomerate. Unfortunately their payment page is in Spanish only. Don't worry though as it is very straight forward and quite obvious what is being asked of you.

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